Non-Surgical Nose Job (with filler)

Nose Job Non Surgical | Dr Shahram Sadeghi | North Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic | Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre

With the popularity of injectable fillers (thanks Kylie Jenner), we have seen numerous advances in the cosmetic surgery realm. One particular procedure that is now highly sought after is the ‘Non-Surgical Nose Job’. Most people would assume that to change the appearance of your nose, your only options are a) rhinoplasty or b) work wonders with contouring. Now, with the help of dermal fillers, your cosmetic doctor can correct the bumps or curves in your nose for a more even, desirable aesthetic.

Non-surgical nose jobs can last anywhere between 6 months to 3 years, depending on the filler used. Because your nose is quite a vulnerable area for complications, the most important consideration when having the procedure done is the experience of your cosmetic physician.

Someone with a pronounced bump on the bridge of their nose is an ideal candidate for a non-surgical nose job. This means that there is surface area for the filler to be injected, resulting in the appearance of a perfectly straight nose. Even though this means we are ‘adding’ to the nose, it can actually give the appearance of a smaller nose. As well as this, if you have a droopy tip, injecting filler will help lift the nose. Of course, there are some people that will benefit more from a surgical nose job. However, if you want to avoid surgery and recovery, a non-surgical nose job is an amazing new treatment to consider.