Best clinics for Tattoo Removal in Brisbane

The tattoo has a long root in humankind’s history, however, a tattoo that you once loved may not serve you the same purpose now as it did then. The most recent and effective method to eliminate tattoos has been achieved through the use of laser. We use the latest available laser devices to remove unwanted tattoos with maximum safety to keep your skin protected while dealing with the tattoo.

The key point in tattoo ink removal is to target the unwanted pigments with the right wavelength of laser light in a very short period, ultimately destroying the pigments while sparing skin and the surrounding tissue.

Complications are uncommon however some slight bleeding or crusting, temporary redness or swelling, loss of pigment in the skin which is usually temporary, or scarring (very rare) could occur.

We also use other lasers and energy devices to deal with acne scarring, vascular lesions, and capillaries that can make your face look red (Haemangioma). Skin rejuvenation, removal of unwanted moles, skin tags, or aging spots also can be targeted with other appropriate laser or other energy sources including Intensive Pulse Light (IPL) or Radio Frequency (RF).

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