Brisbane Professional Skin Peels

Our peels are clinical strength, designed to target specific concerns and are results focused. Chemical peels are far more effective than a standard facial treatment in producing visible results.

The purpose of a peel is to exfoliate the skin and remove superficial

Medi Peel Chemical Peel | Dr Shahram Sadeghi | North Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic | Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre

dead skin cells. After the dead skin cells shed, the growth of new healthy cells is stimulated. Peels are suitable for those concerned with uneven skin texture or tone, acne, oil, dehydration, open pores, pigmentation, fine lines as well as general rejuvenation of the face, chest, hands and arms.

Our experienced dermal therapist will prescribe the most suitable peel for you, along with a continued treatment plan for a holistic course of action. In this treatment plan, a suitable home-care regime will be created for you, to help sustain your results.

It is imperative at Elinay Cosmetic, that we provide our clients with expert advice. We ensure all of our treatments and products that are clinically proven, with sufficient research to back their claims. We offer an array of medical grade peels, for which our dermal therapist will ascertain the appropriate peel to start you off on.

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