Lip enhancement is a very popular procedure for which we mainly use dermal filler to achieve the volume and shape that is desired. Depending on the product and your body’s metabolism rate, filler can last anywhere from 3 months up to a year.

A gradual build-up is more favourable, that means a primary injection and then a review three months on. With dermal filler, there is initial swelling, but the actual result will be apparent 1 month after the filler is injected.

The lip flip technique is a highly requested technique which can be performed with anti-wrinkle products (like Botox), or with dermal filler.

When the anti-wrinkle product is injected into the upper lip, it relaxes those muscles and in turn ‘flips’ your lip upwards, resulting in a more defined, volumised look. This can also be performed with dermal filler, sometimes known as the ‘Russian lip flip’.

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Examples of Lip Enhancement

Lips 1- Lip Enhancement - Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Brisbane QLD
Lips 2- Lip Enhancement - Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Brisbane QLD