Best Liposuction Surgery Results at Elinay Clinic in Brisbane

Liposuction, liposculpture, lipoplasty, or suction lipectomy are different names for a surgical technique that is used to remove unwanted fat from your body without cutting the skin wide open.

During your initial consult at our clinic with Doctor Sadeghi in Brisbane, you will be examined thoroughly and discusses the factors related to the outcome of this procedure. This includes your skin elasticity and amount of excess fat that you have. Our surgeon might also suggest other treatments that you might need for even better outcome.

About the Liposuction Procedure

In our doctors clinic, liposuction surgery is performed under light sedation and local anaesthesia, during the procedure few small holes (1-2 mm) are made in certain areas and using fine cannula a special fluid is infiltrated to the area to minimise pain and also reduce risk of bleeding. This fluid is called tumescent and it helps to have almost bloodless procedure with minimum pain. Then using another special fine tube (cannula) connected to a strong vacuum machine the excess fat would be removed to reshape the distribution of fat and return more desirable shape to your body. The key point is to keep balance between amount of fat being removed and the outcome as sometimes removing too much fat could end up with undesirable results.

Although during the procedure you may experience some pressure, movement, or an occasional stinging sensation but the liposuction itself is not painful. Due to effects of the sedative medications although you will be mobile, you will need someone to drive you back home and help you for a day or so. You will ask to wear a tight fitting garment for certain period of time to reduce swelling and you achieve the best possible outcome. While you might need to avoid strenuous physical activities you need to start light exercises as soon as possible to avoid any complications.

You might feel sore and bruised after the surgery, however that would be temporary. The outcome would be visible with two to three weeks but the final outcome might take months to be fully evident.

The Best Cosmetic Surgery Results

You need to know however that liposuction is a surgical procedure and even in best hands some variations in results or some complications could happen. That includes uneven skin (especially in patients with poor skin elasticity), infection, scarring, fluid accumulation beneath the skin, numbness and wrinkly skin. There has also been very rare reports of death after liposuction however most of them we happened when liposuction was performed on multiple areas under general anaesthesia. Wrinkle is usually due to presence of excessive fat and lack of skin elasticity. Even with the most skilled surgeon, however, variations from the ideal result are possible. To book a consultation at our Brisbane clinic with Doctor Sadeghi.

Best Liposuction Surgery Results at Elinay Clinic in Brisbane

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