Hair Loss Can Be Devastating but Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre Can Help Provide a Solution

Hair loss can be a traumatic experience in the lives of both men and women. The onset of baldness is often seen as if a milestone in the aging process has been crossed in a person’s life and that can lead to depression.

Luckily, Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Brisbane has several options that can turn back that milestone and restore the self-confidence of both men and women who are suffering from the self-esteem issues that hair loss can cause.

The one fact to remember by anyone suffering the emotional effects of hair loss is that it is a treatable condition. There are many modern methods that can effectively deal with the heartbreak of hair loss. But the most effective treatments can only be offered by a medical specialist.

Male Pattern Hair Loss

This is by far the most prevalent type of hair loss. Almost half of all men suffer some amount of hair loss by the age of fifty. It’s also the easiest to treat if it’s caught early. There are oral and topical treatments that have been effective in halting or slowing down the effects of male pattern hair loss. These treatments need to be carefully monitored achieve their maximum effectiveness. This is why they are best treated by a doctor.

For men whose hair loss is beyond the point of being helped by oral and topical treatments, the other solution is hair loss surgery. This entails transplanting healthy hair follicles from the back and sides of the scalp to areas of the scalp that are succumbing to hair loss.

At Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Brisbane, they are skilled at providing all methods of male pattern hair loss treatment.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss in women can be particularly heart-breaking. A woman’s hair in modern society is seen as more a part of the woman’s identity than a man’s hair and loss of a woman’s hair can cause psychological problems.

But every type of hair loss is treatable. After a thorough period of consultation and examination the doctor will make a diagnosis that prescribes a treatment or procedure based on the cause of the woman’s hair loss.

Hair Loss Sufferers Should Visit Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre

The professionals at the Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre in Brisbane are experts in determining how to treat hair loss in both men and women. They understand the psychological effects in women and the sense of lost virility that can often occur in men.

For the professional consultation, examination and treatment of either men’s or women’s hair loss, call and make an appointment at Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre today.

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