Eyebrow Lift

What is brow lift?

Have you ever stood up in front of mirror and pulled the corner of your eyebrows up? It is brow lift, however we do it surgically in order to keep the lift longer. There are non surgical ways to have similar results (using botulinum toxin or dermal fillers) however if your cosmetic doctor has already tried those methods and still you are not happy with the outcome then it is time to talk to us about brow lift operation.

Who are the candidates:

Not everyone is suitable to have this procedure done. Usually they need to have a good physical and psychological health. Preferably to be a non-smoker or at least stop smoking for couple of weeks before and after surgery. They need to also know that it is a surgical procedure and it is involved with incision and possible visible scarring.

How is the procedure done?

Similar to most other surgical procedures there are different ways to do this, it usually depends on gender of the patient their hairline position and also the amount of hair they have in their eyebrows. In men we usually perform the incision at the upper margin of eyebrow while in women we prefer doing the incision at the frontal hairline. In some patients however incision is done 1.5 cm above the eyebrow where the forehead creases are.

How long does the effects of browlift last for?

Like other surgical procedures the outcome is long lasting however it won’t stop ageing. Also over the time the muscle underneath the skin tends to continue drop in a very slow manner and come slightly lower than it was although it would takes years to get as near as it was.

After care

After procedure you will be discharged home with some pain killers an also your forehead is going to have bandage on. Wounds need to be kept dry for at least two days and kept clean all the time. You also should rest and be relatively inactive for the first two days after your procedure. After you begin to get up and about you should still plan on relaxing for about a week. It is also important to avoid contacting sports for two weeks after procedure. Your bandages will be removed after about two days and you will be able to wash and shampoo your hair.

How long does it take?

Brow lifts normally take two to three hours, depending on the complexity of your individual procedure.

Eyebrow Lift

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