Earlobe Reconstruction

Damaged earlobes mainly from piercing is a common problem, we use fine surgical techniques to overcome this problem and give a natural look to damaged ears again.

Earlobe reconstruction is performed to repair or reconstruct the earlobe and restore it to a more appealing form and functionality. Torn or elongated earlobes by earrings or spacers can be repaired with this procedure. Earlobe reconstruction is usually done under local anaesthesia and it generally takes less than one hour to perform. Different techniques are used to repair the deficit and it depends on the severity of damage. Therefore patient needs to see the doctor and get examined first. In that session Dr Sadeghi will explain the procedure in detail and then will arrange an appropriate time to go ahead with the procedure.

Outcome of this procedure is almost always very appealing however sometimes a second touch up procedure would be needed.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

There is minimal discomfort after earlobe repair and if necessary, paracetamol or ibobrufen would be sufficient and most of the time there is no need to prescribe any antibiotics. All you need is to keep the wound dry for 36 hours and keep it clean all the time. Patients can return to work in a day after the procedure. Sutures can be removed five to seven days later in our practice or by your regular family doctor.

Earlobe Reconstruction

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