Dermal Fillers

There are different types of fillers, depending to their molecular structure, their method of action or their duration. Most of the available fillers restore the tissue volume and plump it back to its’ original shape by absorbing and retaining water in skin. These types of fillers are made from the same molecules that exist in healthy skin and can be used to treat static wrinkles, or depleted areas of face like frown, nasolabial lines, cheeks, lips, temples, etc.

In fact, there is an almost non-ending list of places that these fillers can be injected including depressed under eyes, nose, chin, jaw lines and eyebrows.

They say ‘no pain no gain’ however, we believe there are so many ways to minimise the pain significantly although most the recently produced fillers are mixed with local anaesthetic that numbs the area while being injected.

It is important to know that the product type, amount of filler, technique that is used might change according to the patient condition and patient’s preference. This mainly needs to be decided by your physician after knowing your expectations and examining you.

Swelling or bruising is not common after injection and the effect of the treatment is instant and it could last from 3 months to 18 months.

There are also other types of fillers available some are permanent and some can stimulate collagen production, each of them have their own indications and technique of injection. Ask your physician if you are interested to find out more about them. All fillers we use are TGA approved and the type of filler we use will depend on medical indication and the place that needs to be treated. Main aim is to reach the best results and natural look with minimum cost.

Anothe way of volumising your skin (deeper layers) is Fat transfer

Your own body fat can be used as filler to replace volume loss in certain parts of your body, mainly your face. We harvest fat from other parts of your body (thighs, buttocks & abdomen), then process it and re-inject it to the wanted areas.

Fat transfer to face safe and natural and won’t cause any allergy as it is your own tissue, however outcome could be unreliable as some of it (60%) might get absorbed in first few months the remaining fat however could last for years. There is also a small chance for the transferred fat tissue to grow further if patient put on weight.

Dermal Fillers

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