Amazing Chin Sculpting Treatment for Double Chins

Dr Shahram Sadeghi | North Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic | Elinay Cosmetic Surgery Centre

A common issue we see in clinic is the ‘Double Chin’.

A Double Chin, also known as submental fat, is when a layer of fat forms below your chin. This can happen due to weight gain, age, and most frustratingly, genetics. Extremely athletic people can still have a double chin, as someone in their family will have passed on the tendency to have more fat or flesh in that area of their body.

At Elinay Cosmetic we offer a non-invasive Chin Sculpting treatment that corrects double chins. This is usually a cocktail of fat-dissolving injections, along with filler. However, this can vary from person to person dependent on the desired outcome.

To get you started on your new and improved chin sculpting journey, we first require that you come in for an initial consultation. This way, we can examine if you are a candidate for this treatment, along with creating a plan tailored to your needs. From here we can administer the first fat dissolving injection. Usually, two treatments are required for optimal chin sculpting results, however, depending on the extent of submental fat, you may require more than two sessions of fat dissolve. The filler is injected as the last step of the chin sculpting treatment after the results of the fat dissolve are satisfactory.

Fat-dissolving injections usually take effect within 6-8 weeks, with swelling as an immediate side effect and potential bruising for up to 3 weeks. Most clients will return to work a day or two after their injection. Fat-dissolving injections have the opportunity to last up to 4 years, and even longer if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

When we think of fat removal, liposuction could be the first thing to come to mind. However, liposuction removes the fat surgically, whereas chin sculpting involves an injection into the submental area that dissolves the fat and is absorbed by the body. Chin sculpting with fat-dissolve and filler is less costly than liposuction and has less downtime. Book in your initial consultation to discuss chin sculpting via our online booking system here.